Sunday, January 29, 2017

Solitude in the City

Even in the city there are pockets of nature remaining, if you look hard. Nature always has a way of recharging my spirit. I detect the same in my Daughter.

Amidst the city we have a few sanctuaries of woods in which to take a mid-winter stroll. My youngest Daughter and I took one of our Australian Shephards out to one such spot today. Holiday Park has a trail that meanders along side of a creek.

Elizabeth was especially delighted when we were able to observe five deer along the bank on the far side of the creek. She has a strong connection with nature and watched in awe as the five majestic deer pranced through the woods with their white tails flicking about. Then all five of them trotted up a hill in single file while jumping fallen trees until they were out of sight.

As we walked back to the van discussing our magical observation - I expressed to her how those are the priceless moments in life.

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