Tuesday, January 10, 2017


In July of 2016, while traversing H-58 through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigans Upper Penninsula, a stop at the notorious "Log Slide" was squeezed into the schedule.

H-58 is an amazing motorcycling road by it's own right, but it also delivers you to some incredible points of interest. The log slide is located about seven miles to the west of Grand Marais.

The log slide is the perfect location to view and photograph the magnificent Grand Sable Banks and Dunes as they tirelessly stand sentinel over the chilly waters of Lake Superior.

There is a massive log wheel near the trail to the log slide overlook, giving you a glimpse into the past.

 These big wheels were invented in down-state Michigan to extend the logging season year-round, though most logging in the Upper Peninsula was accomplished in winter.

Legend has it that logs sent down the dry log chute would generate enough friction to catch fire. The chute is long gone but the steep and daunting climb is still there.
If you are looking for a challenge go ahead. You will make it down to the Lake Superior shore in short order, but you better allot some time for the return ascent. It is over 500 feet.
As people walk and slide down the face of the dune, sand is destabilized. Grain by grain, prevailing winds pick up the sand and transport it to the top, creating the dune.
 As people travel up and down the dune, more sand is dislodged to be blown back up on top - causing the dune to grow year by year.

When you peer out to the west of this location, the Au Sable Light Station beckons the adventurous side of you to come and explore.

 Lighthouses possessing this level of remoteness are few and far between. Irresistable.

It may be hard to spot the lighthouse in the picture below. It is out towards the tip of the finger of land jutting out into Lake Superior.

The desire to go visit it was tugging at me. It is at least a four mile round trip hike through the coastal boreal forest.
 Up and down - rolling terrain - on a small foot trail.
 This is not your typical lighthouse; providing a parking lot and a short walk.
 So many places, so little time. Plus I am wearing riding boots. I've come this far - I must go! Look for the Au Sable Light Station in a subsequent post.


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