Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lakenenland Sculpture Park

While enroute to Copper Harbor in the Upper Penninsula during the summer of 2016, I inadvertently stumbled across this creative junkyard art park. Now, I've heard of this place beforehand, but it was the furthest thing from my mind as the mighty ST whirred right on past. A quick U-turn was negotiated before entering this free to the public- but private park.

In the picture below, the GPS gives away my location: 15 miles east of Marquette on highway M-28. 

Some of the sculptures carried with them some strong political overtones.

The man below holding the globe is saying, "One more fight over there and I'm droppin' ya's."

                                                               Two-Man Buck Saw

I'm not sure what RTW on the hammer stands for; maybe right to work, as in right to work state, which Michigan has recently become. The wedge that is being driven in between and dividing the United States has inscribed on it: Economy/Jobs; Health Care; Education; Iraq; Taxes; Moral Values; Terrorism.

This one was posted with signage proclaiming - CAUTION - Watch your back. Do not bend over.
A strong statement for sure.

It was a relaxing putt through the pine-forested dirt road loop as I took in the twisted and tweaked scrap iron show.

Of course - my favorite !

This is just a sampling of the park; you will need to go yourself for a comprehensive tour. These kind of trippy roadside attractions are always interesting and often make for a highlight of the day. Now you have another excuse to visit the Upper Penninsula.

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