Wednesday, January 4, 2017


THOSE YEARNING EYES !! - Hamtramck, Michigan ; Once the home of Polish Catholics and an auto plant that employed 45,000 workers. It has dramatically changed. Now a much smaller community, more than half of which are Muslim. It is also the only American town with a Muslim-majority city council.


It is such an amazing mural. Look how moist and clear her eyes are- you can even see reflections in them !!

 This mural is located @ Sheeba restaurant @ 8752 Jos Campau in Hamtramck.

 The blues sync up nicely. It is surprising how many of these murals have various shades of piercing blue that coordinate well with the Road King.


The haunting power of Chilean muralist Dasic Fernandez's 80-foot-wide painting comes not only from its Yemeni cultural references, but the deep expression the artist brings to each of the three figures in the triptych-like composition. From left to right there's a yellow-turbaned farmer, a girl with her head covered save for her yearning eyes and a woman in a hijab who peers across the street and into the future. It all reads as a metaphor for drawing strength from cultural roots, the promise of immigration and a better, freer future in America.

The above description was written by Mark Stryker in a Detroit Free Press article.


An interesting and most likely little known fact about not only Hamtramck, but also Highland Park, is that they are both completely bordered by Detroit. Rare. A couple of cities within a city.

The orange area on the left is Highland Park. The yellow on the right is Hamtramck. Completely surrounded by the Motor City.



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