Friday, June 28, 2013

"Skyline Drive" Shenandoah NP - Virginia

        Starting out in Front Royal, Virginia - I rode the Skyline Drive from north to south, about 110 miles.

     About 15 miles in I came across a Mother Bear and her two tiny cubs. I stopped about 15-20 feet from her and watched them. The Mother looked back at me - right in the eyes - and the two cubs put their front paws up on the tree (one cub on each side of the tree) and looked back at me nervously - ready to climb up the tree if need be.

     Then they just slowly wandered back in the woods. Thats when I grabbed the camera and took a picture of the mom as she was leaving, but the cubs were already out of sight.

   I took a little riding break and stretched my legs a bit on the Appalachian Trail.
Someday I would like to take the time to hike the AT.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Seneca Rocks,West Virginia

Sistersville,West Virginia Ferry

     This is the Ferry in Southeast Ohio that takes you over the Ohio River from Fly, Ohio to Sistersville, West Virginia.

    This Ferry was first established in 1817.

Monday, June 24, 2013


      Here is a shot of Toledo,Ohio and the Maumee River from the new 280 Bridge.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Tunnel of trees and Cross Village

      Along the Lake Michigan shoreline in the very northern tip of the lower penninsula of Michigan is a road called 119 or the Tunnel of Trees.It is a very popular scenic road through fantastic forest with views of the Lake from impressive elevations.
     If heading North the road dumps you into Cross Village and a very unique and interesting Polish restaurant called The Legs Inn.

                                                      Here is the front door   !!!

Of course you can eat inside but I always chhose the back patio outside overlooking the garden and Lake Michigan.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

   Here are some more pictures of the Sleeping Bear Dunes area. Eventually I will run out of archived pictures and info and the blog will become current.

This is the big dune climb, which lies within the Pierce Stocking scenic drive loop. You start at the top and go down to Lake Michigan - then you have no choice but to climb back up. It took me an hour, and a liter of water, to claw my way back up to the top.     


This is an observation deck. From here you can view everybody going down and climbing up the dune.
This is at the bottom - on the Amazing Lake Michigan shoreline.

This is one of many pristine forest roads in the area.

Sleeping Bear Bay


These are of the sunset on the beach behind D.H.Day Campground.

Pierce stocking Scenic Drive

This is the other Dune climb area. It is not as extreme as the other, but has alot of miles of Dunes to hike and explore, versus the other one which is one large dune.

Looking back down at the parking lot and Glen Arbor Lake in the back ground.


                                              Gas Guy is getting tired !!  And old !!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Charm,Ohio - Amish Country

   Charm is a cozy little Amish Village in SouthEast Ohio that I like to stop in occasionally.Usually for lunch at Grandmas kitchen.
   One day while sitting out front after lunch these three Amish girls rode by and I snapped this perfect photo.

Bald Eagle

   I have been spotting Bald Eagles between Genoa and Woodville ,Ohio lately.
Last week I had one flying adjacent to me in a field,and last year I spotted 2 more.
   The picture is of one I pulled right up next to as he was eating an animal right at the side of the road.Then he flew up on top of the pole and I snapped a picture.It was an impressive sight to see in person.

     Also,I spotted one in the Smoky mountain area a couple of years ago while leaving Deals gap and heading to the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge,and I spotted one flying high above me in Lake Placid,New York last year on the way to Maine, and occasionally I spot one while in Northern Michigan.
   It is nice to see the Bald Eagle making a strong comeback from years ago,as when I was a kid growing up in the Great Lakes Region in the 70's and 80's we never saw them.
   It makes my day when I spot an Eagle while out on a ride.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hocking Hills Area,Ohio

   The Hocking Hills area of Ohio is an amazing place to ride and visit along with exploring the cliffs and caves.

                                                            Cantwell Cliffs     


                                                     The Rock House

                                                                  Ash Cave