Monday, January 2, 2017

Back to Floyd

           Floyd, Virginia is quickly becoming one of my favorite small mountain towns. It is hard to quite put your finger on the eclectic culture there; from what I can tell it is a unique blend of Appalachian, liberal, and hippie mindsets all wrapped up in a subtle and rural town that is only a couple of blocks long. Population is only 432. Just enough, but not too much. Most importantly - no franchises.

In short order, you realize the difference in the people. They seem more personable and have time for small talk. Their anxiety levels are not through the roof like back home in the Detroit Metro area - where every body is angry.

There are only a few choices for dining. In a world full of too many choices, this is actually refreshing.

A favorite of mine is El Charro Mexican Grill; it is a great place to grab lunch and a beer.

Floyd also has it's very own coffee roaster: Red Rooster, producing a gourmet product, one of which is called Funky Chicken.

The bag warns: For Medicinal Use Only!

They are a young company having only started up in 2010; they opened with the simple intention of roasting incredible coffee for the owners existing coffee shop - The Black Water Loft.

The Red Rooster appears to be an ethical entity, as they tout "Coffee with a Conscience" along with their logo on the coffee bags. The description on their webpage describing the whole operation, from selecting the beans to the treatment of their employees, qualifies this bold statement.

You can relax and indulge in a cup at the Black Water Loft; which happens to be an elevated coffee house with a view over-looking South Locust street.
The Country Store

The Country Store and Floyd are most notorious for their "Friday Night Jamboree" which I unfortunately missed on my maiden voyage to this welcoming town.

Won't make Friday night this time either, so the Sunday Jam will have to suffice.

While at the Country Store, I scored a plate of "Down Home" cookin' and found a table - relaxing for a spell.

                           The musicians were there in force.

              Along with an audience, enjoying the old time Bluegrass.

This posting was of the October, 2016 Autumn return ride. Earlier in 2016, during the month of May, my initial visit was made on the ST1300. That spring ride will be in a subsequent post.


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