Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cafe Culture

Astro Coffee - Corktown District of Detroit

An upscale independent coffee shop is so much more than a franchise.

Encapsulated within the glass display case was a sandwich like I've never seen before.

Layered between a delectable looking bread was a combination of hummus, roasted carrot, pickled beet, scallion, greens, and almond. Crafty and artisan like.

Wanting to stay on the lighter side, I opted for a different - new experience. Another interesting item that I've neither seen, nor heard of - Galette.

Talk about a flavor explosion. This Galette consisted of a flat and flaky pastry topped with sweet potato, squash, chevre (cheese made from goat's milk), jalepeno, and carmalized onion.
The real and captivating coffee house will breathe life into your soul. Providing you with a cultural experience, while triggering and inspiring your creativity. Nudging you to embrace your intellectual side.
The cookie-cutter franchise store, devoid of depth and character, will provide your jolt of caffeine - and then whisk you away to work or some other task at hand.


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