Friday, January 20, 2017

Copper Harbor

This is home for the night. The cozy little village of Copper Harbor. The end of the road in Michigan. Rode 41 till it dead ended into Lake Superior - over 600 miles to Detroit and I'm still in Michigan.


Figured the rooms would be outrageous and the thought of no vacancies had crossed my mind since I had no reservations, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a quaint cabin right in town for a mere $65.00 ! Things have been working out well.

Another busy day. Non stop as always. So much for a relaxing vacation. Guess that is just not in my DNA. Although, I'm not near as bad as I used to be.

Hiked some trails back into an old growth pine forest. Trees over 500 years old. Rode 26 along Lake Superior between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor. Wonderful road ! Smooth asphalt curvy roller coaster ride. But beware. There are streaks of fine silt lying in some of the corners that camoflagues into the surface. While jamming through one such corner, the whole bike slid a couple of feet. Thought I was going to loose it, but luckily pulled out of it. Looked behind me afterwards and it looked like a wide oil streak so I turned around and went back to discover the thick and ice like silt. This whole peninsula is made of soft ancient lava rock and the stuff breaks down and gets in the road. That is how it was explained to me a few hours later from the Captain of the 1974 Mk 10 Vietnam - era Military boat that delivered me to the Copper Harbor Lighthouse which resides on a finger of land a sticking out into Lake Superior. That is the only way to visit this particular lighthouse in which the old light keepers quarters is the oldest structure on Lake Superior. Around 1846. The Captain said a bike went down in that same stretch a few weeks ago.

Town was busy today, as it just happened to be their annual classic car show. Had some of the best Lake Superior Whitefish this afternoon, from a food truck no less. No ordinary food truck though. They had award plaques hanging on the truck for the best fish and I was informed from an employee in the Brickside Brewery that they also own the fish market in Quincy near the old mines, which is just outside of Houghton/Hancock. On the way up this morning I stopped by the old ruins in Quincy.

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