Sunday, March 5, 2017

Detroit to Outer Banks - Day 3

Somehow, when the other corresponding sections of this ride were posted last month - day 3 and 4 was omitted. Just stumbled across them in the drafts, so will post them now.

-DAY 3


Up again at 4:30 AM, staying on schedule to get the most out of my day's on the road.

Once again, Dad is heading into the shipyard for work and I am en route to the Outer Banks - after a quick stop in Virginia Beach.

After thumbing the starter and bringing the ST to life, I give my Dad a hug goodbye and tell him I love him.

Depending on my timetable and the route back north, I tell him that I may pop back in to see him Sunday.

The first 25 miles or so we are travelling the same direction, so I will follow him till our roads diverge, and he follows the James River Bridge to Newport News - while I head for the coast.

While following him and looking at his reflection in his side and rear view mirrors, just as day is breaking, and I am still somewhat groggy, I reflect back to the 80's and 90's, when it seemed like he had sold his soul to drugs and alcohol; how his work ethic was at best sporadic; how ironic it is that now at 65 years old, while drawing social security he gets up so early and works non-stop.

Then I remember him often saying back then that, "People have it all backwards ! You should live it up when you are - young and vibrant - and then just work until you die ! "

I guess he really did mean it. I just thought at the time he was going to party until he died, and skip the work part.

Many times it seemed as if he tried, but was just too damn tough and stubborn to die.:lol3


After battling traffic through the Norfolk/Portsmouth/Chesapeake metropolitan area, and a brief stop for the big 3 essentials of fuel/food/coffee. Back in the Infantry - the saying was "Bullets and Water". :D This Moto - Touring is a lot better gig.
I finally arrived in Virginia Beach.

53,285 - MILES

43.46 - MPG


I don't know why I even bother to stop here and deal with that God awful traffic; the trade off is sketchy at best.

After a few stop offs at Virginia Beach over the years, the vibe here isn't my style - with all the huge motels and somewhat junky stores.

I like things more natural.

But not only am I a journey rider, I'm also a destination rider - so sometimes I just go ahead and make the rounds anyway.

In all fairness though, it is kind of a neat place - and I am sure many people love it.


Due to a heavy Military prescence in this area you are likely to hear a fighter jet crack through the atmosphere overhead or a chopper thumping off in the distance.

Although the planes are cool, the helicopters really stir my soul !
There is nothing quite like sitting right at the edge and facing out of an open door on a Huey or Blackhawk while it performs a NAP-OF-THE-EARTH flight course !! EXCITING !!

One more shot before I leave. It's going to have to be a selfie.
Everytime I take a selfie I think of the song "SELFIE" by the Chainsmokers and laugh.:rofl


Only one quick way out of here, and that is back through the metro area that will link me up with Highway 168 (Chesapeake Expressway) south and down to greener pastures - or sandier ones rather.

So, I dial up some Electronica on the XM radio to trigger some adrenaline and set out across the mean streets of Norfolk as the hunter and not the hunted !! :lol3

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