Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Random Day


It has been a tough month !!!

 With the elation of summer and it's big rides dwindling, and the cool air, and "feeling" of fall setting in - has sent me reeling into a down swing.

 My energy level has been down, anxioty up, can't focus, indecisive.

 I need to go for a ride, just wander for the day with no clear destination - turning the GPS off.

The plan to depart early was thwarted by a clogged bathroom sink.
Had to fix that before leaving.When I am down, something this trivial can seemingly floor me.

On the road around noon.

Halfway between Detroit and Toledo, I-75 south came to a grinding halt !!
Three lanes down to one.
Progress was one foot at a time.
I was sweating in full gear and my clutch hand was aching.

My only solace was listening to the truckers on the CB ranting about all the selfish people driving past the backup in the right two lanes and then cutting in.

 I should have been listening more closely a few miles back and heeded the warning; exiting before this mess - instead of daydreaming !

Eventually things were rolling again and a glimpse of hope for the day emerged, along with some airflow to dry the sweat.

Crossed the Ohio State line, passed through Toledo and my old hometown areas of Genoa and Woodville and then getting away from it all, I just started aimlessly wandering south down the small two - lane roads surrounded by corn, wheat, and soybean fields.

The winds were strong out of the south. The temps hit the 80's.

 It felt good to have no destination.

About three in the afternoon I came upon a young Red Fox sitting at the edge of a soybean field, keeping the ditch between himself and the road.

 He was sunning and cleaning himself and watched me as I slowly passed - watching him.
I turned around and went back, but as I approached, he slippped  away into the soybeans.
Strange to see a Red Fox in the afternoon - and that relaxed.
Seeing him lifted my spirits.

It was time for some food.
I was on Route 53 South and came upon a small Ohio country town by the name of McCutchenville.
The only place with a chance of lunch appeared to be a run down looking building by the name of - Plank Road Tavern.
It looks pretty rough but I need to eat.



"Dont judge a book by it's cover"
This place was really cool and unique. The waitress (Adrian) told me it used to be an old dentist office.
It was left rustic, but in a clean and classy way.
There was an elegant dining hall in the back also.
The place was nice and quiet with only a TV on in the background - relaxing.
I had a BLTOC (Bacon,lettuce,tomato,onions and cheese)
Try it, you will love it.



Note the Cleveland Browns banner on the ceiling. This is Browns country.

The local biker gang rolled in so it was time for me to exit - stage - left !

 A picture was still snapped before leaving as a biker scowled at me.:lol3


After some more aimless riding I started to feel a tinge of a caffeine withdrawel headache coming on, or was it the start of dehydration.
Either will cause that effect in me.
We will go with the caffeine.

Fire up the GPS.
Findlay, Ohio is about 40 miles north.
Findlay will surely have a proper coffee shop.
Findlay it is.

I quickly found COFFEE AMICI downtown.
They serve Crimson Cup coffee; that they pick up fresh from Columbus, Ohio.


After grabbing a cup of medium-dark Vienna roast, I found a bench outside and relaxed while - people watching - and enjoying the warm breeze blowing through town.

 Downtown Findlay is exceptionally clean and enjoyable.

 A nice place to hang out or browse shops.



Heading North just before dusk,the sky to the West is looking extremely menacing !!!

 Flipping the weather band on,the forecaster says to "Take Cover."

Thunderstorm warnings and up to 80 MPH winds for the NE Indiana, Southern Michigan, and NW Ohio region.

 Can't be - things were just starting to look up.

 I keep riding.

 A few drops of large rain hit my visor.

 Then all hell broke loose !!!

 Driving rain sideways and high winds.


I had to lean hard into the winds to stay in my lane.

 It was pitch black in the Ohio country side and the visibility was horrible.

 I took refuge under the Ohio Turnpike overpass to wait out the remainder of the violent front.


The heavy winds subsided so I continued on towards Toledo in the rain.

 Lightening was flickering off on the horizon periodically so I stopped in at my Uncle Denny's in Oregon, which is a suburb of Toledo.

 It was good timing as he had just returned from an evening at the race track in Canada after running his horse.


Even better, he handed me a - too cold to hold - PEACH NEHI out of the cooler, which he knows is my favorite.
The stuff is unobtainable up north these days.
He brings it back from Tennessee.
After sliding me a steaming bowl of Goulash we talked and hung out till about 11:00 PM.
He sent me home with a case of Peach Nehi !
Things are really looking up.


Off I went into the now dry, cool night for the final run to Detroit.
When you are down in the dumps you just have to get out and move around and things just might change for the better. If nothing else, just to spark some form of sensory stimulation.:D

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