Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Broken World


You know, when I come across material like this, it is something I like to keep and pass on as important wisdom.

Not for the evil people who use and trample on others - for you cannot fix them.

But instead - for the more spiritually pure - who understand compassion and consideration, so as a REMINDER to not fall into the acceptable ways of the mainstream society.

It is so easy to forget, and do others wrong, even if slightly.
Never give up being yourself - and good - if it is in you.
A lifelong fight it is, but worth it.

Also, as much as it is true, that our wealthy and extreme American society has so much corruption and evil dominating it, the flip side to that is it also has some of the most amazing, caring, and hard working people in the world.

Never stop learning and growing !!!

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