Sunday, March 12, 2017


-CEDAR FALLS                              39.417215            -82.525359


Cedar Falls itself is the greatest waterfall in terms of volume in the Hocking Region.

Queer creek tumbles over the face of the Blackhand Sandstone displaying the awesome force of water power.

Cedar Falls was misnamed by early white settlers who mistook the stately hemlocks for cedars.

Arriving in the parking lot, the congestion was once again noticed, but being on two wheels rewarded us with the ability to create front row parking spots otherwise unobtainable.

The rebellious side of us decided to forego the expected trail route down to the falls and instead we scurried down the side of the hill directly for the falls.


Halfway down we came upon a sloping rock floor that was deceptively slick as ice with a damp moss covering.


Just as I was turning around to warn Turbo Jim of the hazard he was leaping off of a large boulder right onto the moss covered floor.


Needless to say, it didn't turn out well. Jim's cat like reflexes could not even save him - although he almost pulled it off.
Down he went and sliding along the moss after impact !!
Maybe that is why they want you to follow the path.
Thankfully, he sprung back up with only a bruised behind and ego, cause even though I am in fair condition, toting him back up that hill would be a seriously challenging chore.
Taking the stealthy route down delivered us to the fall in record time, along with some odd looks from other tourists as we struggled in along a slippery ledge.



Having received our thrill from our forbidden descent, we reserved to following the fantastic valley and Queer Creek along the conventional trail back up to the parking lot.

It is like stepping into an enchanted forest. Huge Hemlocks, well worn paths and rugged cliffs line much of the trail.

The trail is about a half mile and takes about 40 minutes to hike.

If you were to venture down the lower gorge of Old Man's Cave, you would eventually enter the picturesque valley of Queer Creek.

At the point where Old Man's Creek merges with Queer Creek, the trail takes an abrupt turn east and enters this new valley.


The trail leading to Cedar Falls passes through the most austere area in Hocking Hills. This remote, primitive chasm is laden with Hemlock and bound by steep rock walls and their accompanying grottos and waterfalls.

It is a wild and lonely - but spectacularly beautiful place.



I warned it would be a busy day. We are just getting started - onward to Ash Cave !!!!

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