Sunday, February 5, 2017

Detroit to Outer Banks - Day 6

-DAY 6 -

The last four days have been spent sight-seeing and exploring, but all things must come to an end, and as such it was time to hustle back to Detroit and reality. It is time to devour some miles. Since I was not in the mood to deal with Washington D.C. traffic I decided to climb over the Appalachian mountain range through Northern Virginia and West Virginia before popping into Ohio for the final sprint home.

This route would be somewhat slower and longer, but was worth it for me today, rather than the crapshoot through D.C.


When a long day in the saddle is in order, I prefer to hit the road first thing and stop later for coffee and food. In this way, I feel I get a more efficient start - establishing an effective rhythm for the day.

By 5:00 AM I was rolling.

After a short stop in Hopewell for fuel, I bypassed Richmond heading west on Interstate 64.

53,806 - ODO

270.2 - FUEL TRIP
43.39 - MPG

With a solid 120 miles under my belt, it was time for coffee and a bite to eat, so I whipped into Charlottesville and made a quick pit stop at McDonalds.

Back rolling, knowing I am going to be "torching tanks" on the interstate all day, and seeing a sign for Rock Fish gap coming up (northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway) I zoomed out the GPS and after a few mental calculations decided to treat myself to a shortcut consisting of the northern 50 miles of the parkway.


There were a couple of girls hanging out on a huge boulder at a stop; they were kind enough to take a picture for me after climbing up onto a log wedged into the falls; this was a special place and called Wigwam Falls.


 When I came upon the Route 60 Junction, with a heavy heart I had to depart the parkway. 

         Passing through Buena Vista, I made a mental note that it was a clean looking Appalachian town with a couple small motor lodges that would make a nice base to stage Appalachian adventures out of.

After a relaxing ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway including a few interesting stops, the old "Battle Wagon" and I had to wick it up, torching the Interstate and Turnpike all the way back home.

         One thing about West Virginia - even the Interstates are scenic.


It's getting into the heat of the day now and memorial day traffic is also getting heavy.

         It's elbow to elbow in the service plaza with all the travelers trying to get home.

54,077 - ODO270.4 - FUEL TRIP

42.31 - MPG
Crossing into Ohio, it doesn't take long to notice the Ohio state patrol is out in force.

         You have to watch your speeds through Ohio, especially during holidays. A trucker came on over the CB stating a bear was tailing a motorcycle. I knew he was talking about me so I backed off some; then the police car came into the view and did a u-turn going the other direction. That was close, thanks !

In my mirror I could see another motorcycle approaching …quickly. Usually I am moving along at a fast pace and doing the passing. This bike was coming on and going to overtake me ! Oh, that explains it. Another ST !!! :D


Near Cleveland, I entered the turnpike for the remaining distance to Toledo, after fueling up.

54,361 - ODO284.2 - FUEL TRIP

45.04 - MPG

The final miles passed by uneventful and quickly as the Turnpike traffic always moves briskly. I was running very hard and working the busy lanes full of holiday travelers, all the while keeping a watchful eye out.

 Back home after a safe trip, it was time to unwind and get ready for work in the morning. I went and topped the fuel tank and was surprised by the decent fuel mileage considering how efficiently the last stretch was covered.

54,590 - ODO
228.8 - FUEL TRIP

42.71 – MPG

It was nice to see my wife and two daughters after being away, along with my three dogs and cat.
My daughters loved the marble dolphins I picked up for them in the Outer Banks.
I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful home and family and still get to go out on adventures and travel. Many only get one or the other - and not both.
And it is amazing that often I take it for granted and still struggle hard to find balance.
Always wanting for and to do more and better.

It is one of the mysterious curses of man kind !!!

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