Sunday, February 5, 2017

Detroit to Outer Banks - Day 2

-DAY 2

Off to the shipyard my Dad went at 5:45 AM, so I set off for the Ferry to deliver the ST and myself to the Eastern side of the James River for a big day of exploring the historic triangle and planned on being back to spend the evening with Dad after he returns from work around 4:30 PM.

So I better get an early start !!


The Jamestown- Scotland Ferry system consists of four Ferries and runs around the clock.

POCAHONTAS - built 1995 - 70 car capacity

SURRY - built 1979 - 50 car capacity

WILLIAMSBURG - built 1983 - 50 car capacity

VIRGINIA - built 1936 - 28 car capacity


Using the Ferry system is a pleasant and efficient experience, and it's free.

Being from Michigan, it took me a minute to grasp this concept, as you pay for everything and then some ! :D


This morning the SURRY was running and the early morning air coming off the water was refreshing on the ride over.


The James River is very wide in this area.


On the ride across, the Historic Jamestowne, which lies on the riverbank is visible.

You can see many of the prominent features such as the Old Church Tower, the John Smith Statue, and the Tercentennial Monument.


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