Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bodie Lighthouse

Another stop at Bodie Lighthouse, with some time to burn; allowing me the opportunity to join a tour and climb to the top; hoping for some stunning views.

I feel fortunate for being able to do this, as Bodie Lighthouse has only recently become available for climbing.

It was built in 1872 and still has its original 1st-order Fresnel lens.

Rising 165 feet and painted with striking black and white stripes, picture-perfect Bodie Island Lighthouse is actually the third attempt to illuminate the perilous stretch of coast between Cape Hatteras and Currituck Beach.


Note the spelling on the marble wall.

Reportedly, Bodie Island, originally “Body,” is named after the family who owned the land, but folklore would have it that the name resulted from the many shipwrecked bodies that washed ashore.


There are 214 steps to the top !!


This was a guided tour by a park ranger; it took a while to get to the top because he would stop at all the landings so everone could catch their breath; then tell us some of the history of the lighthouse and the Outer Banks.

The view was definately worth the climb and $8.00 admission.


-Bodie Island marshes teem with waterbirds, visible from a viewing platform near the lighthouse.



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