Friday, December 30, 2016

Detroit Mural Hunting

Wasn't sure if I would get out or not today; managed a few hour jaunt this afternoon into the somewhat apocalyptic inner city - had the urge lately for some mural hunting.

Inner city murals really speak to me.

 Glad to see it taking off like it is, all over the U.S. - especially the blight ridden cities trying to make a rebound.

Still lots of devastated area all over the city !!!


Whole blocks of inner city that look like they are out in the country due to all the houses being completely gone; it's really weird and eerie.

Then an occasional burned down house in the midst of a clearing.

 Hard to believe, but as I stopped in front of this house, the most beautiful, large, Ring Neck Pheasant ran out from under the porch and trotted off through the grass - talk about bizarre and out of place - thought I was seeing things. You could be in a lush woods all day and never see such a wonderful looking bird, but a ride through the ghetto .... and there he is.

The world really is upside down.




But, if you keep looking hard enough, eventually you come across some positive strength - and at least a glimpse of hope ........


....... and then some earth shattering and compassionate beauty - Sew that heart up baby !!!


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