Friday, May 24, 2013

Manistee National Forest,Michigan MCCCT on KLR 650

   In the spring of 2008 I rode a 2003 Klr650 from Detroit to Manistee National Forest on the west side of the state and rode the portion of the Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail (MCCCT) from White Cloud up past the Big O trail system and then rode back to Detroit in the same day.It was a long day for sure with about 18 hours in the saddle.

                       Because of spring there was a lot of water in areas.

                   This was a remote logging area I came across near the trail.

     In some areas the deep sugar sand was really tough to ride the big bike in !!!


                                        The pine forests were amazing !!


Some parts of the trail were used so little that it was hard to make out where the trail was.The MCCCT markers on the trees occasionally helped.

                                             Lots of top notch single track.

It was a long day but well worth it.I have since ridden trails all over the state and I have not found trails quite this good.

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  1. Very cool and ballsy. I've ridden some of those trails on a KLR. Not easy on a big bike.