Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Short Introduction

                                                  Glen Arbor,Michigan

    This is my first time at Blogging so I will do my best to make it interesting.
Mostly I hang out at and The Motorcycle Tourers Forum so this is something new.
    I will start with a little bit of background info.As long as I can remember I have always had a strong desire for adventure and exploration.Growing up in Ohio in the country helped fuel that and I was always in the woods or fishing or playing with the dogs and animals so I also developed a strong understanding and feeling for nature.
    At about 13 years old I quit school in 9th grade after my Mom and Dad got a divorce and became more or less a Vagabond and Nomad living with my Dad here and there from Ohio to California in motels,cars,parks, you name it.Those were some crazy and tough days but also interesting and full of cool places and alot of characters,and it really instilled the travel bug in my blood !!!
   At 17 years old my mother signed the papers for me to join the Army Infantry and off I went to Fort Benning,GA and then a couple of tours on the DMZ in Korea and a short stint at Fort Riley,KS and Fort Chaffee,Arkansas.
   At 20 I was out of the service and floating around in the Detroit suburbs back in Vagabond mode with my Dad and for years just screwing around drinking  and working odd jobs.
   Then I got serious about life and became a Mechanic and settled down with my wife and had 2 daughters and that is my current situation.Now I go to work everyday and take care of my wife and kids and dogs and when I get a chance I blast out on an adventure on a motorcycle,so I think I have a pretty good balance in life going, but of course it is always a challenge.
    I have had alot of different motorcycles over the past 12 years and may post up some pics of them but my current 2 wheeled exploration vehicle of choice is a 2008 KLR 705 single cylinder thumper.
    Also,in addition to that I ride Observed Trials with a 2001 Gas Gas 321 and am currently in the Intermediate class.
  More to come !!

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